Balancing On The Edge

Isn't it weird that the one area (and everyone has at least one area - if you don't, well - no way. everyone has one area) you really really need to work on, is the area or exercise you adamantly can't stand doing?

I thought it was just me but I have people all the time asking me for workout and training advice and the other day a woman was telling me how she loves to work out. She was probably in her late thirties to early forties and was in great shape. Tall. Healthy. And the first thing she told me was how she will do ANYTHING but sit-ups. Can't stand them and went on to say it was her stomach that needs the most work.

I completely agreed with her. I can not stand doing sit-ups either and I always save them for the end, build them up to be this huge ordeal and usually end up cutting the sets or reps short. Love the abdominal's. Sit-ups: not so much.

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