beauty tips and advice

30 Pro Makeup Tips You've Never Heard Before

Insiders are spilling their secrets here people, so listen up.

21 Things to Know About Painting Your Nails

From the basics to the top-secret tricks.

lemons beauty uses
7 Who-Knew Beauty Uses for Lemons
And they're refreshingly simple.
Halloween Nails: Grunge-Chic and Zombie-licious

For the grunge chic and zombie swag in all of us.

19 Tips from Estée Lauder Makeup Artists
If there's one thing we don't allow, it's beauty secrets being kept …
How To Hack All Your Beauty Products
Finds new ways to downsize your makeup bag, mix custom cosmetics, and get that elusive Bardot bed head.
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loose cage braid boyfriend braid
How to Get the Boyfriend Braid

Now, you can wear his pants, his sweaters, his hair.

reversed wing eyeliner
Makeup How-To: Reverse Wing Eyeliner
Giving Cleopatra a run for her money.
shimmery steel eye
Makeup How-To: Shimmery Steel Eye
Makeup How-To: Shimmery Steel Eye
This Coffee Isn't for Drinking, It's for Scrubbing

You can't order this at Starbucks.

The Coolest Spas in the World
Getaways that you'd actually want to spend your vacay days on.
how to tie a head scarf
Hair How-To: Tie a Head Scarf
Great for sleeping, summer, and you know, feeling glamorous.
11 Incredibly Useful Vaseline Beauty Hacks
Life changing.
19 Genius Styling Ideas Just for Short Hair
If you've got short hair, this one's for you!
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Beauty Fails and Fixes: Summer Edition
Shocking but true: Your usual beauty regimen could be making things worse.
10 Things You Are Doing Wrong When You Blowdry Your Hair
It's time to break those bad habits.
21 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Tattoo

Read this before tattooing your boyfriend's name on your hip.

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10 Makeup Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know
Are you applying your products correctly?
6 Beauty Hacks, All Done With a Spoon
How's that for convenience?
how to do an aquamarine cat eye
Makeup How-To: Aquamarine Cat Eyes
It's time to channel your inner mermaid.