birth control

Birth Control Recalled After Packaging Mistake

Anyone taking Mibelas 24 Fe needs to needs to read this now.

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Birth Control Pills Reportedly Prevented 400,000 Cases of Cancer

And that benefit continues even if you stop taking them.

The Acne-Curing Pill You've Never Heard Of
It also reduces bloating, so...sign us up?
birth control
$1 Birth Control Is on the Way
This simple injectable could save women's lives across the globe.
whitney joiner
What Has Birth Control Done For You Lately?
Celebrating the second annual Thanks, Birth Control Day.
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The Easiest Way to Prevent Pregnancy Isn't the Pill

A new study reveals that IUD's are the most effective contraceptive method (by far.)

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Missouri Lawmakers Are Limiting YOUR Reproductive Rights
They're doing so with new laws and pending lawsuits.
Yet Another Blow to Birth Control Coverage
The Supreme Court's latest decision will limit a key benefit for women.
birth control
Primary Protection: The History of the Pill
This little gal has gone through quite the journey.
birth control
Free Birth Control Under Fire
The Supreme Court Case you need to watch.
ireland's abortion debate
Abortion Rate Hits Low Point
The rate hits its lowest point since 1973.
breast cancer
First Comes Free Birth Control, Then Comes This
The Department of Health and Human Services is set to announce new guidance on Thursday.
sonia sotomayor
Obama Administration Responds to Catholic Group's Birth Control Case
Following a temporary injunction, the Obama administration questions Catholic group's case.
plan b pharmacy exclusivity
One Step, One Option: Plan B Monopolizes OTC Pills
With the FDA's approval, Plan B is now the only choice for the over-the-counter morning-after pill.