6 Ways to Make Your Eyeliner Last All Day Long

Don't be that girl with one wonky wing.  

This Is the Best Color to Wear When You're...

Sorry, Elle Woods, it's not pink.

the princess and the frog
Disney's First African-American Princess
For the first time in the storied studio's animated history, an Afri…
model in black lace top and black satin shorts
Evening Fashion: 10 Must-Have Pieces
The cooler-than-thou alternative to a cocktail dress: a clever mash-…
black studded accessories
Tread Fiercely
The secret to backstage access: glam-rock accessories of diamanté and studs.
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black open toe high heel with gold jewels at toe
Shady Lady: Gorgeous Work Wear
Suit up like the slick chicks of '50s film noir - in black and white, naturally.
Great Style Has Never Been So Easy
Black, White & Chic All Over
These graphic looks are ideal wardrobe staples
blond ponytail
Hair Trends: Erasing Ethnicity
Has the craze for a more Westernized look sparked a global crisis?
Best black bags for fall. $1195, Michael Kors;
10 Best Big Black Bags
Show 'em how serious you are about style.
Double eyelid surgery.
Special Beauty Report: Erasing Ethnicity
The desire for American beauty.
Fashion: 10 Best Shoes. $995, Versace; for stores.
Fall Shoe Trend: Mary Janes
No wonder, with so many divine choices (even if you're strapped for cash!)
nicole richie
Hair Color: Good vs. Bad
Even with world-class colorists at hand, Hollywood glamour girls still make wacky choices. Here, the fab, the drab, and the remedies. …
hot pink top
What to Wear for: a Night Out
Consider these your Friday night brights.
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10 Best Beauty Products For You
Best Black and Gold Products
Our editor's must-haves
Cathie Black
Insider Secrets: How To Get Ahead
How to get on the fast track.
model in black and white dress
Dressing for a Gala Event
Fashion advice
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What To Wear To A Wedding
Fashion advice
woman in white hat
Establishing Your Own Style
It's easy to fall victim to fashion, especially if you read style magazines religiously. If you're a trend follower, it may be hard for…