Ashley Graham
Ashley Graham Gets Her Very Own Barbie

"She had to have her thighs touch."

Why I Started Posting My Weight on Social Media

Think about it: Do you know what 172 pounds actually looks like?

Lammily girl and boy dolls
The Creator of the "Normal Barbie" Has Finally...

It's not just girls who get bombarded with unrealistic body ideals.

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Why Google Rejected This 'Plus-Size' Ad Targeting Gmail Users

An email from the company defines "plus-size" and "curvy" as "negative physical attributes." 

This Victoria's Secret Model Has Been Told, to Her Face, That She's Fat

And, among other modeling industry hard truths, she has some thoughts on Gigi Hadid.

Khloé Kardashian Got Naked for an Inspiring New Book About Body Confidence

"There is no such thing as perfect. Nobody attains perfection."

This Woman's Honest Portraits Show What Major Weight Loss Really Looks Like

She wanted people to see the physical as well as the emotional transition.

Cara Delevingne Says the Modeling Industry Made Her Hate Her Body

"If you hate yourself and your body and the way you look, it just gets worse and worse."

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5 Life-Changing Revelations About Women and Body Image

Seriously feel-good stuff you need to know now.

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Scary Proof That Disney Princesses Perpetuate Impossible Body Ideals
Their eyes are *literally* bigger than their stomachs.
Science Proves It: Average-Size Models Can Actually Be Better for Business
Turns out models who look like customers may boost sales.
These 5 Plus-Size Models Formed a Collective to Prove That Fashion Is for Everyone
"I've been called a plus-size model for 15 years...but at the end of the day, I know who I am."
10 Victoria's Secret Models Reveal How They Really Feel About Their Bodies
"I'm a woman, of course I still have curves on me, and that's OK."
all about that bass
20 Things Every 20-Something Should Know About Her Body
Anyone who makes you feel bad about your body is the worst.
Introducing 'Average Barbie': Complete With Acne, Stretch Marks, and Cellulite
Seeing young girls react to the Lammily doll is pretty inspiring.
body image
15 Stunning Images Capture How Beauty Comes In All Different Sizes
Would you go nude in front of camera to promote healthy body image? These brave women did.
victoria's secret about-face protest
Victoria's Secret Protesters Bare Their Souls (And More)
A body image group bares (almost) all to protest Victoria's Secret's portrayal of women's bodies.