How You Can Get Mini-Skirt-Ready Legs Now
At the launch of Nike's smart new mix-and-match Training Club fitnes…
11 Rules for Complimenting a Woman
This past weekend, I was at the beach with my parents and I watched …
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4 Myths About Your Partying Habits
Red Bull, hookah bars, and more: Whats true, whats not.
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5 Health Move Musts
Follow these tips for a better lifestyle that will improve your heal…
Two New Ways to Run Smarter
Improve your running with these high-tech devices.
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Beauty Products with Hormone Help
Hormones in flux? Here are products to help your skin and body.
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Get a Better Body in Two Weeks
Strategies that will improve your body for good.
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45 Expert Tips for Your Best Body Ever
Get your best body ever with 45 of our best health secrets and tips.
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5 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Relationship
From body insecurities to bad timing, you can improve these relationship don'ts with our help.
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How to Get Fit, Happy, and Healthy
The mind-body connection
What Stress Does to Your Body
Here's how major systems respond to your worries.
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Our Beauty Product Picks
Marie Claire Beauty Director Ying Chu's latest beauty picks.
Are You Stressed?
Though causes of stress can be plentiful, there are multiple ways to combat stressors and the negative toll they can take on the body.…
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John Varvatos's floral Cleansing oil.
Beauty Obsessions and Confessions
Marie Claire Beauty Director Ying Chu's latest beauty picks.
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Body Shape: 6 Women's Stories
Size doesn't matter
woman eating strawberries
How to Eat Your Way to Energy
Experts on which changes really work.
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How to Winter-Proof Your Skin
Effective skin-savers to keep you glowing till spring.
workout pants
Fitness Pants - My New Favorite
Body by Marty