There Are 7 Different Types of Boobs in the World, Apparently

So which ones are yours?

I Tried on Big Boobs for a Day, and My Life Will...
A whole new (well endowed) world.
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What Would You Do for a Guy's Attention?
Another weekend, yet another bachelor party this time it was in New…
6 Mistakes That Might Doom You In The Beginning
Did you just take a picture of my boobs? she said. I thought for a s…
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The Best Beauty Boosters of 2009
These beauty boosters promise a radiant new you.
Why Are Guys Obsessed With Sports?
Rooting for our sports teams is the modern way of protecting and fighting for the town.
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5 Women's Fashion Mistakes That Turn Me Off
Are there any styles that turn me off immediately?  You bet.  I'd to give you a guy's point of view on style, and how mistakes can ruin…
woman in lace bra
Bigger Boobs Without Surgery?
Every time I watch Dr. 90210, I come away with the same two thoughts. The first usually has to do with Dr. Rey's high creepiness factor…
Sex, love, dating advice and help.
6 Stereotypes Women Have About Men (Stereotypes Part I)
Men and women fall into the trap of stereotyping one another because they will never truly understand one another-but this mystery also…
blonde woman
Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery
A quest for bigger boobs without surgery.
Sex, love, dating advice and help.
Who Actually Likes Being Spanked?
My one experience with spanking was in a New Orleans strip club. When I say strip club, Im giving this place way too much credit. The…
Can You Help Me Understand Boobs?
Boobs are an enigma to me. Am I attracted to girls with big boobs or small boobs? I think the majority of guys work the way my f…
Things Guys Worry About (Even More of Them!)
I realized that I worry about far more things than I originally thought. So here are some more fears that guys have, continued from my …
short asian woman next to tall blond woman
Body Shape: 6 Women's Stories
Size doesn't matter
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woman in lace bra
My Best Friend's Boob Job
When my soul mate went under the knife, I had to wonder: What about me?