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Need to Read: Dead End Gene Pool
Wendy Burden unloads on her crazy-rich, totally eccentric family in a riveting new memoir.
corked book
Need to Read: Corked
In her debut memoir, Corked, Kathryn Borel unpacks a tragicomic fath…
MC Book Club: A Country Called Home by Kim Barnes
This month, the MC Book Club follows one couple's ill-advised attemp…
Need to Read: The Wrong Mother
Crime-fiction writer Sophie Hannah has a bone to pick with suburban …
mc book club
MC Book Club: Air by G. Willow Wilson
This month, the MC Book Club takes on a graphic novel about a neurot…
supreme courtship
Marie Claire Book Club: Supreme Courtship
With a new justice joining the top court, the MC Book Club goes behind the scenes of our judicial branch with Christopher Buckley's sat…
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im so happy for you book club
You're Invited: Live Book Club Event
Please join the editors of Marie Claire, author Lucinda Rosenfeld and Little, Brown and Company for the second live staging of the Mari…
im so happy for you book club
Book Club: I'm So Happy For You
Toxic friendships are the focus when the MC Book Club takes on Lucinda Rosenfeld's I'm So Happy for You. Worth the extra weight in your…
book club the likeness
Book Club: The Likeness
The group debates whether a detective investigating a brutal murder is in over her head in Tana French's page-turner of a murder myster…
NEED TO READ: Best Friends Forever
Jennifer Weiner is a master of the modern-day fairy tale.
last chance by fiona maazel
Book Club: Last Chance by Fiona Maazel
This month the book group tackles lost love, addiction, and a deadly super-plague in Fiona Maazel's Last Last Chance. Worth tossing in …
Rachel McAdams Is an Open Book
We heard the State of Play star was a smarty, so we invited her to be the Marie Claire Book Club's first-ever celebrity guest. Turns ou…
rachel mcadams
Behind the Scenes with Rachel McAdams
On a two-day shoot in New York, the totally It actress not only nailed the asymmetrical trend, but led a spirited book-club discussion …
wetlands book review
Book Club: Wetlands
The latest best-selling book in Europe? Wetlands, about one woman's obsession with her vagina. Are American readers ready to embrace th…
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women around a table full of books
Marie Claire's Book Club
Each month we'll grab a buzzy paperback, get a rotating group of MC editors to read it, then argue about it over a glass of Malbec. We …
people around table with stacks of books and wine
Book Club: Dreamers of the Day
How an American spinster ends up at the heart of Middle Eastern politics.
the monsters of tempelton book club
Book Club: The Monsters of Templeton
Worth the 360-page commitment? Read on.
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