Confidence Inspiration Paris Hilton Says Her Skin is 'Too Perfect' for Botox

And reveals why she's saying no to plastic surgery. 🙅

How Jennifer Aniston *Really* Feels About...
Self love, people. Self love.
"Natural Botox"
What happens when an antiaging virgin plays guinea pig for a line-sm…
Frozen in Time: The Antiaging Dilemma
With Botox, fillers, and lasers at the ready, is it now a woman's ri…
Lunchtime Tune-ups
It's amazing what you can get done in an hour! These quick doctor's …
Botox For Your Hair?
Just as your skin ages, so too does your hair getting thinner, limper, and more unruly with time. We find a solution to help you press…
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Botox procedures
Want Botox? Don't Scrimp on the Doctor!
Whether it's a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, here's why you should always go with a board-certified doctor.
What's the Difference Between Sexy & Unhealthy?
Dating is so tough because, in putting yourself out there, you're essentially testing the waters to see if anyone thinks you're attract…
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Is Botox Worth the Risk?
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Beauty Excess: How Much Is Too Much?
Over-bleaching, over-tweezing, over-Botoxing
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Skin Care Advice from A to Z
From anti-aging to the best products.
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Breakfast and Botox?
Why get Botox in a doctor's office?
The Botox Debate: Does it age you?
Is Your Botox Fake?
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The Botox Debate: Does it age you?
Botox Makes You Look Older?
Wrinkle-reducing wonder drug or freaky facial poison?
Cosmetic Surgery Low Down
Cosmetic Surgery
The facts about the latest techniques.
Too Sweaty?
Beauty fix-its