Your Official Guide to Low-Calorie Cocktails

AKA what to order at a bar that isn't as heavy as your last meal.

What Eating One Slice of Pizza Really Does to...

You'll never see a slice the same way.

blond woman at table in dark kitchen reaching for raw chicken
Anatomy of a Holiday Pig-Out
A typical Thanksgiving meal contains more than 3,000 calories.
The Fastest Way to Burn Calories
Get on the rowing machine. "It literally works the entire body,"
Is Fast Food Really That Bad for You?
Purdue University research reports that the typical fast-food meal h…
plate filled with holiday food
What's Your Holiday Eating IQ?
Read this before you liberally pour gravy on those mashed potatoes.
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Fat To Fit In One Word.


Well four words.


Post-Thanksgiving Damage Control
The average American gains one pound an excess of 3500 calories with every Turkey Day.
Is It Really Light?
A guy I swim with was going on and on about how Miller Light is the most effective beer to drink if you're watching your weight. He cla…