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How To Get Revenge on Your Significant Other
When I was dating my last girlfriend, I got spiteful at times. When she forgot to text me when she got home, after being out, I vowed to "forget" to tell her when I got home after going out. When she'd forget to write back to a quest...
woman and men with pants down
"Shocking" Study: Men Want Sex More Often Than...
Might not be news to most of the female population, but is there any…
family planning protest
Should We Eliminate Planned Parenthood?
Will that send the message that waiting for sex is a good idea?
woman and men with pants down
7 Types of Sex - Which One Is Most Exciting?
Some might say that great sex is based on pushing boundaries or kink…
Single Sex and Couple Sex
6 Reasons To Avoid Casual Sex: A Guy's Perspective
Of course, I'm afflicted with intimacy issues, but I think casual se…
man texting
Sure Signs a Guy's a Player
Is he exhibiting suspicious textual behavior -- and putting too much sexual pressure on you? Well... 
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couple kissing
New Study: Casual Hookups Can Turn into Love ... Sometimes
So, aren't they still a bad idea if you're looking for a serious relationship?
couple in a maze
How to Find the Perfect Summer Fling
4 helpful suggestions to finding the perfect temporary lover.
What's the Difference Between Sexy & Unhealthy?
Dating is so tough because, in putting yourself out there, you're essentially testing the waters to see if anyone thinks you're attract…
woman on top of man
3 Reasons to Hold Out
A born-again virgin tells us about the benefits of being hard to get. 
6 Reasons Guys Think You're "Easy"
A reader recently reached out and told me that she noticed a cute guy on a flight to Texas with an empty seat next to him.  She took th…
7 Ways He Is Using You
In a parasitic relationship, people use other people to get what they want. Of course that used person ends up getting hurt, even if i…
man and woman in restaurant
4 Subjects to Avoid on a First Date
What not to say in the first hour of meeting someone.
What's the Best Way to Make Sure Sex Stays Casual?
Can any of us have casual sex? Under what circumstances? Will it work best if the couple establishes some rules of behavior, early on, …
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Casual Sex: Maybe It's Not Women Who Can't Have it - But Men!
The flingy-thing with Mr. Jonas Singer takes an unfortunate turn. ... Sometimes, I swear, I think the reason women can't have "casual s…