Prince George


Prince George's Favorite Movie Is So Relatable

Because obviously, he loves a movie about a little prince cub.

Good News For First-Born Children

This could spark some arguments.

What Your Favorite Child Stars Look Like Now

Remember these familiar faces? We bet you do.

Are Girlfriends the New Husbands?
She's had your back through breakups, pink slips, even that ridiculo…
Supermom Smackdown
A new book by American journalist Pamela Druckerman, Bringing Up Béb…
Designer, Downsized
High-end children's collections are taking the fashion world by storm and redefining what it means to dress like a kid.
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daddy fever
Does Your Date Have Daddy Fever?
Meet the men pressuring their partners to procreate.
man and woman in bed
11 Reasons Why He's Scared to Commit
Why long term relationships intimidate him.
nina garcia
Congratulations to Fashion Director and Mom Nina Garcia!
Nina Garcia gives birth to her second son over the holiday weekend.
daniela petrova and husband
Why My Husband and I Started Searching for Another Woman
One woman's infertility taught her, among other things, how men really look at the opposite sex.
shirley temple in baby take a bow
Guess What? Your Kids Are Boring
A new study shows some parents think their own kids are total snooze fests.
jennifer aniston
Child-Free Celebrities
These single and coupled celebs are in no rush to jump on the baby-bump bandwagon.
More Women Choosing to Have Babies Solo: A Good Thing?
A new report provides evidence that more older, educated, single women are choosing to have babies. I have mixed feelings about that. 
Would You Shop for Sperm Online?
Women are turning to the Web to shop for top-notch sperm donors. Would you consider it?
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blond woman leaning on a fence in a field drinking a glass of wine
The Bad Godmother
What happens when your best friend decides you're unfit to raise her kid?
three models in a conference room with three infants
Why Do Working Moms Get All The Perks?
Our manager often makes the work of those with kids a higher priority so they can be the first ones to leave. I shouldn't have to pick …
A Reader's Question
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barack obama
Barack in the Saddle
What we face, what we need.
three models in a conference room with three infants
Should Moms Bring Their Kids to Work?
Several colleagues bring their kids to the office, either to show them off or because preschool's not in session that day. It's disrupt…
May-Kit Happen In May
May is the special recognition month for Exercise is Medicine™ as presentd by the American Medical Associaltion and the American Coll…