China Is Ending Its Infamous One-Child Policy

Party leaders made the switch to counteract an aging population.

I Escaped North Korea Only to Be Sold into Sex...
Defector Yeonmi Park, 22, author of new book In Order to Live, lays …
handcuffs feathers and blindfold
Weird Sex Stories from Around the World

You won't believe these tales.

"Breasts Are Not Weapons": Protesters Fight...

Ng Lai-ying was sentenced to three and a half months behind bars.

These Chinese Feminists Were Put in Jail for...
But then, after a public outcry, the "Feminist Five" were released.
Where the Boys Are
In China, a cultural preference for boys has created such a severe gender imbalance that unmarried men will soon outnumber unmarried wo…
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career girl
15 in a Billion
With 1.4 billion citizens, mainland China is the world's most populous countryand home to one in five women on our planet, from rice fa…
sad bride
What Not to Do If You Get Left at the Alter
I teared up after reading about this jilted bride's attempt at suicide. 
a chinese woman with her two children
Breaking China's One-Child Law
In an unprecedented crackdown, Chinese officials set out to sterilize 10,000 women by jailing their relatives until the women submitte…
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What Does Winter Smell Like?
We visit Harry Slatkin.
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Donatella Versace Has Blonde Ambition
Fashion's glam survivor Donatella Versace turns heads and reboots lives in rural China.
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What I Love About Me: Beijing, China
Who's the fairest of them all?
beijing olympic hostesses
China Dolls: Olympic Hostesses
Preparing an army of hostesses for August's Beijing Olympics.
popular perfumes and fragrances
15 Best Selling Perfumes
Fragrance preferences vary from country to country - check out the international best sellers.
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Get Outta Town! Working Abroad
From Beijing to Cairo, five American women tell their stories of living abroad.
Christina Aguilera
Skin: The New Status Symbol
Has the West's tanning challenged the East's belief about pale skin?
tianyahaijiao international wedding festival in china
Here Come the Brides!
'Tis the season to tie the knot.
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passport holder
Send Us Your Travel Adventures!
We want to hear about your travel stories.
Women Who Rule The World
Rising Stars
These women are on the fast track to the top