cosmetic surgery

The Most Popular Plastic Surgeries of 2016

The facelift is back and Instagram is to blame.

How Will I Age?
Your goal: a younger, refreshed face. Your worry: looking fake, fill…
plastic surgery
The History of Plastic Surgery
With cosmetic modifications dating back to the ancient Romans and Eg…
model with one gloved hand and a medical needle in the other
Plastic Surgery Nightmares
Nip, tuck, fill, freeze--the promise of eternal youth has never been…
new uses for botox
The New Uses for Botox
A sculpted nose, wider eyes, smoother skin, perkier breasts, even a …
woman with sunglasses and ace bandages wrapped around her face and neck
Will Cosmetic Surgery Help You Succeed?
The latest résumé boost? Cosmetic surgery. In an increasingly rough job market, Judith Newman finds that it pays to look good.
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Sexual Cosmetic Surgery
Should cosmetic surgery on your lady parts be banned?
Cosmetic Surgery Low Down
Cosmetic Surgery
The facts about the latest techniques.