celebrity hairstyles


How to Save Money at the Salon
Cost Cutting: Salon visits tapping you out? New York City hairstylist Patrick Melville suggests some money-saving measures.
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Eat Healthy, Save Money
Even if you're not interested in going on a diet plan these tips fro…
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Real-Life Money Confessions
Marie Claire exposes the secrets women hide inside their wallets
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Expert Answers to Your Money Questions
We asked TheStreet.com how to navigate a few sticky predicaments.
women money and finance confessions
What It Costs to Be...
From tanning to owning a pet, blogging to being a hipster here, the…
5 Secrets of the Highest-Paid Women
The top-paid women share their secrets for success.
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The Price is Bright for Fashion
Color-block shocker: Scene-stealing brights are creating daytime drama and all-night glamour.
The Top-Earning Women in America
Here, our list of the top-earning women in the U.S.
women money and finance confessions
Money Confessions: The Mean Green
We expose the secrets women hide inside their wallets.
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5 Hidden Vacation Costs You Need to Know
Travel has never been more expensive.
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Luxury Creams for Every Budget
With so many divine new body creams - at every price - your skin will be silky soft under all those layers of cashmere.
Orlane has royal jelly, coconut, gold and more
Why Do These Shoes Cost $538?
You'll wear them for a lifetime.
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Double eyelid surgery.
Extreme Makeover: All for Beauty
From eyelid surgery to leg-lengthening and calf-narrowing.
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Fashion Deconstructed: Why Does This Bag Cost $1550?
Wild Things accessories; Alligator clutch, $3900, patent clutch, $395, Michael Kors; booties, $1102, Louis Vuitton; ring, $6000, Bastion.
Wild Things: Accessories for Every Budget
Shopping for hi/lo accessories is one big scavenger hunt.