Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds's Body Language

They're bringing back #couplegoals.

14 Famous Love Letters From History

This is one tradition that needs to make a comeback.

Kim and Kanye Are Having Marriage Problems

But they're still committed to making it work.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Wore Matching...

Fun and fashionable.

couple kissing on beach
We Had Sex for 10 Days Straight

It's more of a commitment than you'd think.

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couple arguing
9 Things Every Engaged Couple Should Talk About

9 Things Every Engaged Couple Should Talk About

Fashion's Most Stylish Couples Share Their Secrets
Three sets of the fashion world's finest from designers to photogs share their personal style.
new couple rules
9 New Ways To Make Your Relationship Work
Had a fight? Count to 10 before changing your Facebook status. New world, new rules to make love work now.
shirtless guy wearing only a white tie with woman sitting behind him in bed
3 Everyday Habits That May Be Killing Your Sex Life
The authors of a new book have some relatively simple advice on how to renew your attraction to your boyfriend. 
woman on top of man
Do You Want to Be Appreciated — or Understood?
Is it more important that your mate is dazzled by you or that he seems to know why and how you are who are? Awe or comprehension?
guy and girl with cardboard boxes over their heads with painted smiley faces
8 Annoying Things Couples Do
I feel a bit guilty because I'm a closet romantic, but some couple behavior is so annoying.
tipper and al gore
Tipper and Al Will Mash Faces No More
Two weeks after their 40th wedding anniversary, Tipper and Al Gore have announced that theyre separating.
paul newman and joanne woodward
How to Spot Your Soul Mate
This relationship guru came up with four types, and figured out the best combos.
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I Lost My Love in Baghdad
They were a normal couple trying for a happy life in a nightmare world.
The Relationship Advisory System
I don't know about you, but I'm reporting suspicious activity regardless of what the Homeland Security Advisory System states. Whether…
But Seriously Will You Marry Me?
Staging the proposal of the century.
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people standing an airport with a plane outside the window
Long Distance Love
Tales from the tarmac.
The Pros and Cons of Long Distance Love
The good, the bag and the ugly.
How to Not Love Your Way Into Debt
Keeping the costs down