10 Animals That Look Like People You Work With
The office jungle can get weird.
office colleagues
5 Ways to Handle a Difficult Colleague
"Shiny, happy people holding hands" — R.E.M.
woman reading newspaper and magazine
Help! I Hate One of My CoWorkers
There's a colleague I simply cannot get along with, and we were just…
Medical Leave Angst
Generation Slacker
Dear Cubicle Coach: The younger staffers in my office feel entitled. They leave on time and get sullen when I ask them to go above and …
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Advice For The New Boss
I'm a new boss with a hiring quandary: The internal candidate is competent but ordinary, while the other choice is a wild card.
girl and guy kissing
I Kissed My Coworker! What Now?
Things got a little out of hand at an office party yesterday, and I ended up making out with a colleague. Do we talk about what happene…
three models in a conference room with three infants
Should Moms Bring Their Kids to Work?
Several colleagues bring their kids to the office, either to show them off or because preschool's not in session that day. It's disrupt…
women and men in a meeting at an office
Save Me from the Company Retreat
Dear Cubicle Coach: I'm dreading the two-day company retreat next month. What really happens at these things? Are we going to climb rop…
I Got Promoted, My Friend Didn't
I'm friends with someone at the office on the same level. I know I'm about to get promoted and that she won't take it well. How should …
woman in dressed up work clothes
I Accidentally Spread Gossip in the Office
Dear Cubicle Coach: I recently let a colleague's secret slip to the office gossip. Any way to undo the damage?Dear Loose Lips:Did this …
Career Fashion
I Know My Coworker is Looking For Jobs - Should I Tell The Boss?
Dear Cubicle Coach: For the past few weeks now, I've been hearing my cubicle mate line up interviews at other firms. I know it's really…
how long have you been at your company
How Do I Make Friends at Work?
Dear Cubicle Coach: A clique has formed in my workplace, and I'm not part of it. Should I ignore it or fight my way into this potential…
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are you in a union
How Do I Draw the Friendship Line at Work?
Dear Cubicle Coach: I've just been bumped up to management, and I'm the same age as many of those I'll be supervising. I was advised by…
how big is your company
How Can I Get Ahead This Summer?
Dear Cubicle Coach: Half the office will be taking vacation this month. I'm not, so is there something I can do to get ahead while they…
5 Tips for Successful Networking
When it comes to networking, working a room can be daunting, especially for those uncomfortable with the social pressures of schmoozing…
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be flexible
6 Ways Your Coworkers Can Help You Get Ahead
Office alliances are vital in a team-oriented environment and reveal much about your work style.
Can You Be Too Friendly At Work?
At one of my first internships during college, another girl I worked with, also an intern, was extremely friendly. In the beginning, I …
Menage a Boss
Q: At a party last week, a woman for whom I do consulting work got drunk and asked me to go home with her and her boyfriend. I laughed …