I'm the Boss . . . For Now
While my supervisor has been on maternity leave, I've stepped up and…
model in a sleep pod at the google offices in mountain view california
Can I Nap At Work?
Sometimes I like to take a snooze for 15 minutes during my lunch break, either at my desk or occasionally in the stairwell. Bad career …
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How to Deal With the Lurking Co-Worker
I have this annoying colleague who simply won't leave my office. I've tried the usual tricks but she doesn't get the hint. Other than c…
How to Leave Your Job on a Good Note
I've been with my current company for seven years but am now moving on. How do I leave on a good note for everyone?
How Far Should Lenders Invade Your Personal Life?
So Ive been operating under the assumption that because Im debt-free and pay off my credit card on time (and in full) every month, that…
turner and hooch, 1989
Working Women of the Movies
Pop in one of these cinematic classics starring kick-ass career gals who broke the rules and succeeded. Use that for motivation.
Money Diet, Week 4: How much do you spend on lunch?
So my goal for May's money diet was to spend less on eating out, and more importantly to stop buying my lunch at work. On Sunday, I wen…
resume and cell phone
How to Score a Job That Pays Over $100K Annually
Only 5% or so of the nation pulls in over $100,000 a year.
A Night Away--At Home
Last week was one of those kinds of weeks: grueling ten-hour days when it's too hectic to pee, trying to stuff down a sandwich while ho…
model in cream jacket over black blouse and black and white skirt
Work worries, financial fiascoes we cover it all!
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Best Blog for Blowing Off Work
You know that kooky aunt whose advice is boundless and loopy, and who can rant as passionately about a Washington sex scandal as about …
Cubicle Coach Movie Trivia
Find the answer here