judi features intern


Hey, Where'd You Get That?
What do you wear to work when you work at one of the most famous fashion magazines in the nation?
sex and love naughty man
Men's Mixed Messages Decoded
Men's mixed messages always surprise us.
christy turlington goes to washington
Fighting for Mothers
In some parts of the world, getting pregnant is a death sentence.
lauren hutton travels to brazil for eco friendly beauty
Lauren Hutton's Diary of Brazil
Queen of the Jungle.
the shoe of the season
Fashion Prediction
Spring's new shoe: the peek-a-bootie.
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How To Start Your Own Blog
How to Start Your Own Blog
Britney, Mariah, and Hilary all share their deep thoughts online. You can, too!
Zoe Glassner's Shop Talk: Erin Fetherston for Target
Erin Fetherston for Target
Frocks with tulle and lace have become mainstays
Zoe's Shop Talk
The Four-in-One Boot
The Multipurpose, Four-in-One Boot
Edgy Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto
Cultured Club
Yohji Yamamoto, dives into a classic: pearls.
Zoe Glassner's Shop Talk
Our Knit Pick
We're mad for the homespun look.
child eating
woman on top of man
Couples Sex
The weekend diary of a pair in their third year of marriage