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Trust us: We know what we're talking about.

5 AMAZING Jell-O Shots to Serve This 4th of July
You won't be embarrassed to eat these seriously chic treats.
apple martini drink recipe
26 Easy-to-Make Drinks, A-Z Style
26 Easy-to-Make Drinks, A-Z Style
golden globes
Get Your Drink On With Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
Delicious and yummy, these four drinks with matching film nomination…
Halloween Drink Recipes
No Halloween celebration is complete without drinks to match your co…
Drink Recipes for a Political Partay!
Drink Recipes for an Election Party
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How to Plan a Holiday Party
Spirited alternatives for the holidays.
drink recipes marie claire cocktail
The Marie Claire Cocktail
Better than a cosmo!
woman with drink
Navigate The Bar Like a Pro
Don't be that bill-waving hussy at the end of the bar. Tips on how to sit and sip in style
cocktail garnished with purple orchid
Chic Cocktails for the Fashionista
Throw a fashionable holiday fĂȘte.
Pomegranate is an aphrodisiac
Drink Recipe: Aphrodisiac Cocktail
Serve him something hot this Valentine's Day