We'd Skip Fall for This Prosecco Advent Calendar

This is way better than chocolate.

Hangover-Free Cocktails Could Soon Be a Reality
A scientist has announced plans to sell "alcosynth' by the early 202…
You Need These Wine Popsicles In Your Life

There's rosé, too!

Ordering an Angel Shot Could Save Your Life

Keep it on the DL, though.

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Study Says Couples Who Get Drunk Together Stay Together Longer

🎶 Drunk in looooooooove 🎶

Corona Recalled for Containing Glass Shards

Way to ruin our Cinco de Mayo plans.

Where to Drink $2 Margaritas on National Margarita Day

Monday has its perks after all.

Here's What Happened the Night I Was Drugged

I never thought it could happen to me.

The People of Paris Are Defying Terrorism in an Incredibly Awesome Way: By Eating en Masse at...

It all began with a uniquely French rallying cry: "Tous au bistrot" ("Everyone to the bar!")

Could Sorority House Parties Help Prevent Rape on Campus?
Some students want to move the alcohol away from frats.
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alcoholic drinks
Binge Drinking Can Change Your Genes in a Scary Way
Too much alcohol can make your liver a "cluster bomb" of damage to your body.
woman drinking cocktail
The Perils of Sober Dating
Is it possible to navigate the dating minefields without a single drop of alcohol? One brave writer finds out.
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man and woman at a bar
Can You Date Without Drinking?
Have you ever tried being sober during your first hang-out session with a guy?
wild party
Sorority Girls Gone Wild (and Gross)
Two separate Ohio-based Pi Beta Phi sorority chapters have come under fire this month for hosting shocking, out-of-control parties.
What Is Vodka Eyeballing?
College students are drinking vodka in an unusual new way: via their eyeballs.
9 Great Places To Meet People (Other Than Bars)
Most of my stories about meeting people occur in some seedy bar or club. It's a shame that I think I need to be in a drinking environm…
woman with a drink at a bar
The Drinking Diaries
Four women plumb their own complicated relationships with alcohol.
Rich Santos - Sex and the Single Guy blog
How Many Drinks Are Too Many?
A lot of you have advised me to lay off the liquor to increase my success with girls.  I have to say that I basically agree with this s…
fighting woman and man siting in dollhouse
Can You Beat These Two Horrible Date Stories?
Ive decided to give you a depository where you can vent your bad date stories. So let me get the ball rolling. Here are two terrible o…
child with bucket
Around the World in 95 Days
The race for clean drinking water