nail art


4 Steps to Easy, DIY Nail Art
If you're sick of wearing plain ol' nail lacquer, try layering it on. It's the easiest way to create decorative nails, and a thrifty way to embrace the animal print trend no art school diploma required.
6 Reasons Guys Think You're "Easy"
A reader recently reached out and told me that she noticed a cute gu…
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Decrease Your Financial Footprint
Not only is the paper check inefficient, its also a poor deal for th…
green light bulbs
Easy Green: Change Your Lightbulbs
CFLs are beautiful (they look like ice-cream). They fit into three-w…
Beauty Tips from the experts.
Keep-It-Simple Beauty
Streamline your beauty routine
Splurge vs Steal Shift Dresses.  SPLURGE: $436, Chaiken; (888) 339-3301.
Splurge vs. Steal: Shift Dresses
Zip into a shift dress fall's simplest essential.
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model in black slacks and suit jacket and black fedora hat
Changing Your Image
Re-invent yourself
10 Fast Hair and Makeup Tricks
Fast and easy hair and makeup tips.