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Get a Fresh Start to 2010
Get smart, sexy, and stylish.
blond woman at table in dark kitchen reaching for raw chicken
Anatomy of a Holiday Pig-Out
A typical Thanksgiving meal contains more than 3,000 calories.
girl on beach in bikini and hat
Get a Better Body in Two Weeks
Strategies that will improve your body for good.
cherry tomato on a fork
Healthy Heart Salad Recipe
Your Rx for eating, thinking, and living strong.
The Incredible Shrinking Woman
Emotional eating.
woman eating strawberries
How to Eat Your Way to Energy
Experts on which changes really work.
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woman running
Fat Free and Fabulous
Great recipe to try out tonight.
woman running
Gym, Boot Camp, or Core Fusion?
Core What?
woman running
Work Out Slut: The Ideal Compliment
Mother knows best
woman running
Workout Slut: All or Nothing
I'm an all-or-nothing kind of girl.
montage of different foods including fish poultry fruit and vegetables
How the World Eats
See what could work for you.
Not all sushi is as skinny as the California Roll
Is Your Sushi Making You Fat?
How Virtuous Is Your Sushi?
Which Milk is Better?
Advice from the experts
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How to Eat for a Workout
Workout Fuel
Have a Low-Impact Day
Body by Marty.
celery with salad dressing dripping off
9 Myths About Your Salad
You might be surprised
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girl in alley in silver dress
New Year, New You: Lose a Size Now
Supercharge your weight-loss efforts
salmon with capers and a sauce
Eat to Stay Slim
Even When You Can't Get to the Gym
Steak Salad
Feeding Time
See who got slender and who got cranky