Four Women Eat for Four Different Body Goals

Trading in cookies and cocktails for clearer skin and sharpened memory.

woman eating
Women's Wildest Sleep Stunts
You think sleep-sex is wild? Check out these unusual acts that ordin…
model sipping a breakfast drink from a straw
Diet Tips
We've compiled the best tips and tricks for your diet, so you can lo…
woman eating watermelon
3 Surprising Facts About Water
Forget the eight glasses a day. The key to a healthier, slimmer, you…
woman with a cucumber over her eye
The Whole-Body Detox
From your hair, skin, and nails to your daily eating habits and brai…
Our Relationship with Food: 5 Shocking Statistics
I know youll be rethinking your next meal after seeing these stats. I am!
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Ultimate Post-Workout Food
How do you keep fat burning and muscles toning long after you've left the gym?
coffee alternatives
3 Alternatives to Coffee
The scoop on three alternatives to coffee.
woman doing cross over lunge and bicep curl with hand weights in front of window with view of new york city
How to Build More Muscle
Get the most out of your strength training.
Do You Need a Period?
To skip or not to skip?
sporty fashion
Increase Your Metabolism
Learn the real facts about your metabolism.
The Low Down on Food Recalls
One minute you're happily munching; the next, your snack is all over the news.
What Kind of Burger is Right for You?
Depending on your figure, the ideal patty isn't necessarily the ever-virtuous veggie.
spicy lobster salad
Spicy Summer Lobster Salad
Shellfish rules the menus from Maine to Delaware and is a versatile source of protein during the warm summer months.
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woman running
Fitness Files: Runner's High
This freaky gravity-defying treadmill (which requires being fastened into rubber shorts) lifts you off your feet so you can run with mi…
woman in lace bra
Wear a Bra!
"Repeated [breast] stretching may lead to irreversible damage," Scurr says even for A cups.
montage of different foods including fish poultry fruit and vegetables
Start Your Diet Smart
Tips for a successful start to your diet.
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eating habits
Is Your Boss Making You Fat?
Eating to Impress My Boss
woman measuring her waist size
24-Hour Diet: Slim Down Quick

Follow these tips to lose weight quick.

eating habits
Are Your Friends Making You Fat?
What happens when your friends' problems start making you fat?