senator gillibrand new rules


Senator Gillibrand's New Rules for Our New Economy
Women have made extraordinary economic strides since President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law 50 years agobut we're not there yet.
woman looking at a clock
Moonlighting Makes a Comeback
Nearly 2 million American women hold down two jobs, a figure experts…
What Would You Do To Keep Your Job?
We asked readers what they would give up to keep the…
Friends with Meds
Pill-swappingand other worrying behavioris on the rise, as uninsured…
woman at work
How Women Across the World Are Coping with the...
Women from Boston to Hong Kong share their strategies.
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Has the Recession Changed Your Relationship?

Tell us your story and you could be featured in the magazine.

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What's Your Life Equity?
As our economy unravels, we may find it hard to see the silver lining, but U.S. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn doesnt think so.
model carrying a dollar bill purse walking dog wearing a dollar sign cape
Buy, But Beware
Although shopping is now considered a patriotic act, don't get suckered.
model plucking dollar off of money tree
An Upside to the Financial Downturn
Losing your job, or just worrying about it, is no joke. But some of us are finding silver linings amid the maelstrom.
business woman walking on cell phone.
Why You Should Rethink Your 9 to 5 Job
Here's your chance to execute those pipe dreams and what-if schemes. Meet six women who already did.
katia verber wealthy russian socialite
The Paris Hilton of Russia
Welcome to the surreal life of a woman who's not feeling the economic woes.
model with cash register
Could There Be an Upside to the Recession?
Tell us if you've found a positive in these economic times.
model with red calculator purse
5 Ways to Profit from the Economy
Advice for surviving the economic downfall.
Are You Tipping Less?
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