Nine Congresswomen on Why They Almost Didn't Run

"As someone who has led a fairly private life, I hesitated to share my personal story with the world. As an immigrant and refugee, I didn’t know if I was ready to talk about my family’s journey to the U.S."

This Is Why Women Should Run for Office
"If half of all city council members, mayors, and governors were wom…
Nine Congresswomen on Why Women Should Run

Here's why we need women in office now more than ever.

The Women of Congress on Why They Ran for Office
"I'm grateful for models and mentors in my life who believed in me a…
Advice from the Women of Congress
"When someone sells you short, you have to ‘kill ‘em with competence…
The Women of Congress on What Life in Politics Is Really Like

You'll never guess who eats dark chocolate ice cream for breakfast.

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How I Did It: Advice from Real Women Who Campaigned (and Won)

Insight into life on the campaign trail from the winners.

Hillary Clinton Addresses Why She Thinks She Lost the Election

The former Secretary of State also discusses Putin, Syria, and more.

Donald Trump Officially Wins the Electoral College and the Presidency

The president-elect won a total of 304 votes on Monday.

The Professor Who Predicted Donald Trump's Victory Now Predicts He'll Be Impeached

The "Prediction Professor" has accurately called every presidential election since 1984.

The First Latina Senator Is Ready to Be "One Hell of a Check and Balance" on Donald Trump

Catherine Cortez Masto is making history in more ways than one.

Almost Half of Eligible Voters Didn't Vote in This Election

A chilling reminder of how important it is to vote.

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Pramila Jayapal Is the First Indian-American Woman in the U.S. House of Representatives

"To everyone that has been a part of this movement—THANK YOU!"

The 16 Funniest Reactions to Donald Trump Watching Melania Vote

Trump is all of us cheating on our finals, TBH.

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Ted Cruz Has Dropped Out of the Presidential Race

After Trump's Indiana primary win, Cruz has decided to call it quits.

Why This New Yorker's Vote Counts More Than Ever
For the first time since I stepped into a ballot box, I'm going to feel like my vote will make a difference. I haven't always felt this…
Will Hurricane Sandy Finally Get Us Talking About Climate Change?
Yesterday, New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg endorsed President Obama in an editorial for Bloomberg View, writing that Hurricane Sandy had …
Meet the Only Pro-Choice Woman Running for Governor
In an election rife with discussion of abortion, birth control, rape, and equal pay, it's hard to believe that Maggie Hassan is the onl…
The Dog Whistle Last Night Was to Women
The debate last night was ostensibly about foreign policy, but as the entire Twitterverse noted, the candidates used their last televis…
Who's Funnier, Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? (And Does It Matter?)
Last Thursday, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama were in the same room again, in a decidedly less combative mode than the debate stage two d…
Is This Really Goodbye?
As Hillary Clinton prepares to step down as secretary of state, the most accomplished, and arguably, misunderstood woman in recent hist…
Pills and Pocketbooks: Why Obama's Debate Pitch to Women Matters
These are not just women's issues, said a much feistier Obama during last nights presidential debate. These are family issues. These ar…
The Real Winner of Last Night's Debate? Martha Raddatz
Last night, during a post-debate cocktail, I said it: "Martha for president."
Five Lady Candidates to Watch: Election Countdown Edition
Last month, we gave you a list of 11 female congressional candidates hitting the campaign trail this season. Now, with less than a mont…