Paris City Hall


Buildings Around the World Light Up Green

Monuments and landmarks put on a show of solidarity.

The Social Issues We're Sure to See in 2013
2012 set the stage for some pretty promising social overhauls to tak…
girl laying in grass
MC Cheatsheet: How Your Sex Life Is Ruining the...
Plus, check out what other sites and stories we've been clicking on …
setting thermostat
Is Your Air Conditioner Making You Fat?
One expert suggests our beloved AC units may be the culprit for ever…
limited edition malibu rum bottle
Malibu Joins Reef Check for an Eco-Adventure
Dive in (literally) with a trip that helps you do your part to save …
cameron diaz photo
Cameron Diaz Saves The World!
...or at least tries. In this documentary she travels across America to find out what worries us most about the environment.
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cameron diaz photo
Cameron Diaz's Favorite Green Websites
Cameron Diaz traveled across America to learn what worries us most about the environment. The eco-friendly superstars documentary raise…
cameron diaz photo
Cameron Diaz's Excellent Adventure
Cameron Diaz and MC executive editor Lucy Kaylin lit out for America to learn what worries us most about the environment.
laundry drying on the line
This Summer: Save Money, Stay Cool, Save the Planet
Turn summer into the season of savings, saving money, the planet, and yourself from heat stroke.
dog staring at mail in a mail slot
How to Stop Junk Mail
A better way to spend 20 bucks.
bunch of green spinach
6 Myths About Organic Food
All organics aren't created equal. Here's what's hidden behind the label
The voyage of recycled plastic
Where Does It Go After It's Recycled?
What happens to your water bottle once you've drained it?
The best shoes, bags, and jewelry of the season
What Is a Carbon Footprint?
Figure out what it all means here.
model in long gloves and glamorous long gown
Green Girls Global
From the kitchen to the bedroom, this blog covers all aspects of living green.
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Carbon Footprint: Whose Is Smaller?
How do you stack up?
Help Stop Global Warming
How you can help stop global warming.
Laurie David Q&A
Interview With Laurie David
The global-warming debate.
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green beauty products
A Greener Clean
Clean your home without hurting the environment, or your health