Excerpt From My Third Book: Mr. Maybe

Nick was never supposed to be The One, for God's sake. Even I knew that. And yes, I know those that are happily married often say you can't know, not immediately, but of course I knew. Not that he sounded wrong-Nick spoke the Queen's English slightly better than myself, but nothing else was right, nothing else fitted.There was the money thing, for a start. My job as a PR might not be the highest-paying job in the universe, but it pays the bills, pays the mortgage and leaves me just enough for the odd bit of retail therapy. Nick, on the other hand, didn't earn a penny. Well, perhaps that's a bit of an exaggeration, but he wasn't like all the other boyfriends I'd had, wasn't rolling in it, and , although that's not my main motivation, what I always say is II don't mind if he can't pay for me, but I do bloody well mind if he can't pay for himself.And though Nick occasionally offered to go dutch, it was such bad grace and I used to feel so guilty, I'd just push his hand away, tell him not to be so silly and drag out my credit card.And then there was politics. Or lack thereof, in my case, might be more appropriate. Nick was never happier than when he was with his left-wing cronies, arguing the toss about the pros and cons of New Labour, while I sat there bored out of my mind, not contributing just in case anyone asked me what I voted and I had to grudgingly admit I voted Conservative because, well, my parents had.Speaking of pros and cons, it might be easier if I showed you the list I drew up soon after I met Nick. I mean, if I sit here telling you about all the reasons why he wasn't right for me, it would take all day, and I've still got the list, so you may as well read it. It might help you to see why I was so adamant that he was just a fling.Pros

I fancy the pants off him. He's got the biggest, softest, bluest eyes I've ever seen. He's very affectionate. He's fantastically selfless in bed. (Make that just fantastic) He makes me laugh.


He's got no money. He lives in a grotty bedsit in Highgate. He's left-wing/political. He likes pubs and pints of beer. I hate his friends. He's a complete womanizer. He's allergic to commitment. He says he's not ready for a relationship. (Although neither am I.)

So there you have it-far more cons than pros, and, if I'm completely honest, the cons are much more important, I mean, how could I have even thought of getting involved with someone whose friends I hated? I have always, always thought you could judge a person by their friends, and I really should have known better.

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