6 Ways to Make Your Eyeliner Last All Day Long

Don't be that girl with one wonky wing.  

150 Hairstyles Even You Can Master
Get salon hair at home with expert tips and must-have products for e…
Answers From The Beauty Experts
Secrets from the Skin Experts
Body-smoothing secrets for every inch of you
celebrity hairstyles
How to Save Money at the Salon
Cost Cutting: Salon visits tapping you out? New York City hairstylist Patrick Melville suggests some money-saving measures.
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celebrity hairstyles
Must-Have Haircuts for Every Woman
The cutting edge: What better time for an iconic haircut?
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Is Your Hairstyle Stale?
Our expert is here to help
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Zit-Zapping Tips from the Pros
How to zap those zits quick.
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Beauty Excess: How Much Is Too Much?
Over-bleaching, over-tweezing, over-Botoxing
The Nude Dilemma
The Nude Dilemma
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Get Sandal-Ready Feet
Put your best foot forward this summer with these tips for keeping your feet looking great in those new sandals.
paris hilton
How To Fake a Tan
When it comes to tans, faking it is the best way to go. How to get your skin from pasty to bronzed and avoid orange streaks.
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laurent tourondel
How to Cook a Great Steak
Laurent Tourondel shares his secrets for making a great steak.
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Dressing for a Gala Event
Fashion advice
Fix Dry Hair
Is your hair dull and over-processed? How to fix it and keep it healthy and strong.
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Avoiding Nail Polish Stains
Our pro tips to keep post-polish nails looking pretty, not yellow.
s factor flat iron shine spray
Shine-Enhancing Hair Products
The secret to shiny locks? Keeping your hair as healthy as possible. How to up the shine factor.