Get Rid of Dark Circles

No tricks or gimmicks—just kickass products that really work.

6 Ways to Make Your Eyeliner Last All Day Long

Don't be that girl with one wonky wing.  

Video: How to Hide Under-Eye Circles
Dark circles and bags under the eyes have plagued women forever. Wit…
woman plucking eyebrows
Don't Overpluck Those Brows
Brow-grooming tends to bring out the OCD in everyone.
Favorite beauty products this month.
Beauty Obsessions and Confessions
With Marie Claire Beauty Director Ying Chu.
compact of blush with makeup brush
Broken Heart Beauty: Makeup for a Breakup
When the look of lost love is in your eyes.
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Beauty Runway Trends
The Brow Factor
For the last six months I have been struggling to grow out my eyebrows.
Best Beauty Products: Obsessions and Confessions
This Month's Beauty Obsessions
With Marie Claire Beauty Director Ying Chu.
10 Best Beauty Products for Sleep
Products for a Good Night's Sleep
Make the most of your beauty sleep.
Beauty Snoop: Making Up With a Style Mogul
Making Up with a Style Mogul
Fashion show executive Fern Mallis.
What Does Your Look Reveal About You? Marie Claire's Beauty Shrink Tells All
What Does Your Look Reveal?
DR. AMY WECHSLER, analyzes Ashira Jones.
Makeup That Makes You Look Younger
Turn back time with sheer, natural shades
Aishwarya Rai
Are Blue Eyes Better?
Has the craze for a more Westernized look sparked a global crisis?
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Fall's hottest makeup, beauty, fragrance trends
This Season's Beauty Must-Haves
What's in your makeup case?
Private Eyes - She's got Bette Davis eyes - makeup
This Month's Beauty Obsessions
With Marie Claire Beauty Director Ying Chu.
Double eyelid surgery.
Special Beauty Report: Erasing Ethnicity
The desire for American beauty.
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elizabeth taylor
Hollywood Beauty Trends
Actress-influenced looks on fall's fashion runways
Big Beauty Trends: Eyes
Eyelash Trends Around the World
Beautiful Eye On the World
chanel moisturizer
De-Puff Your Eyes
Beauty News