kim kardashian

fashion shoot

Kim Kardashian's Sexy Makeunder
It's plain and simple: The barefaced bombshell is born with it.
katie holmes
Katie Holmes' Cover Shoot Style
For the actress with a keen designer's eye, fashion is a family affa…
evan rachel wood
Evan Rachel Wood: Evan Sent
See how the star goes from Thirteen to thoroughly modern millennial …
reese witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon's Cover Shoot Style
Fresh from her honeymoon, the star keeps up romantic appearances in …
sarah jessica parker
Sarah Jessica Parker's Cover Shoot Style
The style star plays dress-up and proves that a girl's gotta wear th…
olivia wilde
Olivia Wilde's Cover Shoot Style
The Cowboys & Aliens star takes a break from action stunts to slip into some serious, colorful drama.
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kate & ginny
Kate & Ginny's Cover Shoot Style
It's double the pleasure, double the fun with pals Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin, who love sharing the spotlight.
emma watson wearing a fur vest
Emma Watson's Cover Shoot Style
She has bid farewell to witches and wands, but in the season's palest nudes and richest ivories, the actress is pure magic.
rack of clothes
Behind the Scenes at Victoria Beckham's Cover Shoot
What was the style icon like behind the camera? Find out!
victoria beckham
Victoria Beckham's Cover Shoot Style
See how the star introduces high-stakes Hollywood glamour to the British countryside.
katie holmes fashion shoot
Katie Holmes' Cover Shoot Style
See how Mrs. Tom Cruise mixes up her look ... with the help of stylist-in-training Suri!
katie holmes
Behind the Scenes at Katie Holmes' Cover Shoot
What was the style icon like behind the camera? Find out!
super model anouck lepere
Anouck Lepère's Military Mood
The top model brings a sense of humor to the season's surplus of rich army greens and contemporary cargo-wear.
mary kate olsen cover shoot
Behind the Scenes at Mary-Kate Olsen's Cover Shoot
Get an exclusive look inside the star's Marie Claire cover shoot.
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mary kate olsen in marc jacobs fur and pink dior dress
Mary-Kate Olsen's Cover Shoot Style
See how the fashion trendsetter piles on the looks from her Marie Claire photo shoot.