Why I Started Posting My Weight on Social Media

Think about it: Do you know what 172 pounds actually looks like?

Your Official Guide to Low-Calorie Cocktails

AKA what to order at a bar that isn't as heavy as your last meal.

11 Strange Yoga Styles
There's more to it than just flow and breathing. There's weed. And h…
Scientists Say You Should Eat All the Fat You Want
But there's a catch, of course.
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Can You Really Think Yourself Thin?
Could the power of meditation teach one woman to resist tables of te…
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Liposuction Shocker: The Fat Comes Back
Judith Newman has had lipo twice so she wasn't at all surprised when a new study revealed that fat returns. Still, she doesn't care.
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Is "Fat" Politically Incorrect?
Many women are trying to push the term out of modern-day vocabulary, but what will replace it?
a woman's stomach and hips
Freeze Your Fat Away
A new, high-tech procedure at the dermatologist's office zaps unwanted bulges no needles or scalpels required.
model in front of prayer flags in bhutan
Get a Fresh Start to 2010
Get smart, sexy, and stylish.
glamorous beachwear
Sexy, Strong Abs
A flat stomach can be yours: Our four-part guide to what to eat, drink, and do will have you bikini-ready in no time.
What's Your Least Favorite Physical Trait in a Guy?
I've heard women complain about different physical traits they don't like in men. As I get older, I fear that these traits may slowly …
blond woman at table in dark kitchen reaching for raw chicken
Anatomy of a Holiday Pig-Out
A typical Thanksgiving meal contains more than 3,000 calories.
girl on beach in bikini and hat
Get a Better Body in Two Weeks
Strategies that will improve your body for good.
woman with drink
Last-Minute Slim-Down Tips
Last-minute pre-party tricks from top celebrity trainers.
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blond woman at table in dark kitchen reaching for raw chicken
Have a Very Healthy Holiday Guide
MC's holiday weight-loss guide
Excerpt from My Second Book: Jemima J
God, I wish I were thin. I wish I were thin, gorgeous and could get any many I want. You probably think I'm crazy. I mean here I am, …
jack black kung fu panda
Huggable? Yes. Hot? No.
The bear population is out of control.
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Fittest or Fattest
Are the following cities ranked as the top FITTEST or FATEST cities for 2008? 1. San Francisco
 2. Seattle
 3. Boston
 4. Washington,…
feet on scale with cake between feet
To Fat and Back: The Idiot-Proof Diet
How two British diet buddies want to change the way American women eat.