The Tragedy of Showing Too Much of My Feminine Side
The other night I ran into a girl who my friends call "loofah girl". Her and her friend came to a Halloween party a few weeks back covered in strange material looking like puffballs. They asked a bunch of us guys if we c...
plaid liz claiborne dress
First Lady Fashion
There's more than a hint of Michelle Obama in fearless print mixes, …
fashion for work and career
Investment Fashion: 401(k)
If you make the investment, they'll pay style dividends for years.
Feminine Fashion: Spring Trend
Hot Spring Trend: Feminine Charm
Spring's quirky lady likes retro shapes, girls bags, shades of pale.
floral spring trend
Hot Spring Trend: Floral Prints
We're in a garden state of mind with lush, colorful looks for fashio…
model in pink dress
How to Look More Feminine
The key to looking more feminine is choosing clothes that fit your body type and personality. Details are important in helping to accen…
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