The Real Story Behind the Song "Moon River"

It turns out the river actually exists.

According to This Hilarious 'SNL' Sketch, the...
"When it came to life in the big city, Black Widow had it all figure…
This Awesome New Documentary Is Tackling Sexism...
'CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap' = required viewing.
The Biggest, Buzziest New Movies at Sundance
Film buff or not, these must be on your radar.
6 Films Based on Classic Literature
From Clueless to Cruel Intentions.
MC Reviews: Movies
From chick flicks to indie darlings, we'll let you know which to see stat and which to wait for the rental.
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natalie portman and vincetn cassel in the black swan
Black Swan Movie Review
A modern-day fairy tale that's freaky, sexy, and downright divine.
Why Kathryn Bigelow Doesn't Deserve the Oscar
It was no surprise that Kathryn Bigelow, director of "The Hurt Locker", scored an Oscar Best Director nod. But, does she really deserve…
model in white trench
Live from Sundance, Friday 1/16
I'd been traveling all day-first a 3-hour layover in Minneapolis, Minnesota (-26 degrees!) where the airport was oddly super-renovated,…
Plot Watch: Just Die Already!
Hollywood's gone terminal, as evidenced by the relentless parade of recent films that revive a tired plotline: If you were told you had…
michael stahl david
2 Mins With Michael Stahl-David
His new movie.
Movie Reviews: What To Watch
Friends don't let friends miss these stellar new flicks.
James Haven
The Activist: James Haven
He's our first male MTAPF.
Actor, Mark Ruffalo
Interview with Mark Ruffalo
When will he land that megastar role?
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fight club movie
25 Must-See Guy Flicks
Pop in one of these classic dude flicks this weekend to score some major points.
MOVIES: What to Watch
New flicks to check out.
model in blue dress
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Q&A with Alexandra Kerry
On politics, film, and that dress
Q&A With Charlize Theron
Chat With Charlize Theron
Theron surprises us
sandra oh
Sandra Oh Interview
She's The One We All Love