guy using a cell phone while in bed with a woman


Is Sexting A Gateway To Cheating?
Is sexting as harmful to a relationship as cheating?
couple kissing in a car
5 Reasons For Spring Fever
Spring has arrived, and according to a recent survey about weather a…
How To Get Revenge on Your Significant Other
When I was dating my last girlfriend, I got spiteful at times. When …
couple talking with jealous man looking on
Are Men More Likely to Flirt If You Don't Wear...
I asked three male friends if they're more likely to approach a woma…
7 Assumptions We Make in Dating
The conclusions I seemingly "magically" come to get me every time.
man in suit with woman behind him nuzzling his neck
9 Reasons He's Leading You On
It's truly an art to lead someone on. You have to defy physics...
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The Best (Modern) Poems for Any Stage of a Love Affair
This ain't your mama's poetry. A poet friend of mine knows the modernest, sexiest poems for every occasion. 
Dating Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Write Long, Emotional Emails
Putting things in writing essentially immortalizes a situation, and it can be forwarded around and even turned into fodder for blogs...…
woman by window in striped lingerie
4 Female Misconceptions About Sex and Dating
The male author of a memoir about his love life has some advice for the ladies. 
I Love You So Much That...I Hate You?
Why do people in relationships argue so much? Maybe, when you care about someone, you want to prove yourself to them.
My First Date Audition Checklist
A first date is an audition. You should be prepared for success or brutal failure that eats away at your self-esteem.
man in suit with woman behind him nuzzling his neck
Four Things That Make Women Unapproachable
Dying for the guy at the end of the bar to talk to you? Men share the surprising reasons they stay away.
From Friend to Lover: Flirting 101
One night, my friend Melissa told us that she had a quandary with a guy who was coming out to meet her at the bar. Melissa and him wer…
woman sitting on bench with books
8 Ways to Use Books to Flirt (Even if You Don't Read Much)
How to use books as flirtation devices.
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Flirty Hair: How to Look Your Blow-Dried Best
POST NUMBER TWO FOR THIS FRIDAY!: My hairdresser gives me the dish on how I can make myself look like I just stepped out of the salon .…
Body Language Basics and the Hard-Hat Hottie
A sexy dude in a hard-hat asks me out after we meet at the deli counter! Woo-hoo!
Rich Santos - Sex and the Single Guy blog
Do You Play Games?
I try to be straight forward with women, but I wonder if I'm supposed to be playing more games.
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Sex, love, dating advice and help.
4th Of July: Thoughts on Colonization, Independence, Clownfish...and Psychics
Why do we celebrate Independence Day? Because independence is attractive. We were not cool when we were a colony. My advice: dont be li…
Is Flirting Ever Serious?
I thought I understood flirting, but it appears I have no idea how it works. Here are actions that I thought signified flirting from gi…