New Research Finds 28 Percent Increase in...

Researchers say they're not surprised.

Did an NFL Executive Watch the Ray Rice Tape...
The league says it will investigate new claims.
A Girl's Stadium Survival Kit
Stay toasty and clean with these must-haves for every football fan.
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Football's Most Famous Fans
These celebs bring more than team spirit to the sidelines.
red hot reporter 49ers
Football Guide: Homegating Must-Haves
Add major team spirit to your at-home tailgate with these peppy details.
The Best Defense in Football
More than a decade ago, Anastasia Danias was just another lawyer at a big firm, until she jumped ship to join the legal department of t…
football in the grass
10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Football
A guide to football for female sports fans.
Why Are Guys Obsessed With Sports?
Rooting for our sports teams is the modern way of protecting and fighting for the town.
Sex, love, dating advice and help.
The Best Way to Get Under a Guy's Skin Is...
Want to know the best way to get a guy's goat? I've talked to a bunch of my friends and done some reflection, and I've decided that the…
Sex, love, dating advice and help.
When Will I Be "Ready"?
The term "ready" means that a person can function in a healthy long-term relationship. Usually, we say someone was "ready" when he or …
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football in the grass
Girls' Guide to the Superbowl
I usually just watch the Superbowl for the commercials.
football next to a laptop in the grass
How to Win Your Fantasy Football League
Heres why you want to join a fantasy football league.
football in the grass
How to Throw a Football
Throwing a football correctly, with spiral, is not so easy.
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Women Who Re-Define The Power Suit
Absolute Power
Five women redefine the power suit.