Nice, bastille day, terrorism


What You Need to Know About the Nice Attack

Authorities are calling it a terror attack.

Marie Antoinette
A New Book Reveals Marie Antoinette's Scandalous...

And they weren't written to her husband.

Violating France's Super Skinny Model Ban Could...
They're not kidding around.
Breast Implants Will Now Come with a Scary Cancer...
The silicone inserts have been linked to a rare lymphoma.
France Passes New Law Ensuring Equality for Women
Living up to their motto: liberté, égalité, fraternité.
Vive La France! The 10 Most Stylish French Screen Sirens
We're celebrating Bastille Day with some of France's tres, tres chic stars.
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French Senate Votes to Ban "Hyper-Sexualized" Child Pageants
The French have had enough with child beauty pageants.
Aix Marks the Spot
Glorious scents abound in charming cities like Grasse and Aix-en-Provence, but fragrance-making isn't as easy as it smells.
Supermom Smackdown
A new book by American journalist Pamela Druckerman, Bringing Up Bébé, says that French mothers are superior to American mothers. Quell…
Calendar Girl: Catching Up with Diane Goldstein of April, May
We get the scoop on what gives her chic Parisian brand its je ne sais quoi.
Eiffel Tower, Paris
Foreign Beauty Report: Paris
Forget the stereotypes: French women aren't all sexy, unshaven smokers in chignons. Ying Chu discovers the secrets to modern beauty in …
popular perfumes and fragrances
15 Best Selling Perfumes
Fragrance preferences vary from country to country - check out the international best sellers.
colette french designer fashion
Travel Guide: Paris, FRANCE
The insider's guide to getting out of town.
pamela druckerman
Get Outta Town! Working Abroad
From Beijing to Cairo, five American women tell their stories of living abroad.
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Joanna Goddard photos
My Parisian Romance
It comes down to what you make of it.
compact of blush with makeup brush
Paris Travel & Romance Guide
Your guide to the world's most romantic city.
Paris, City of Love and romance
10 Best Romantic Places in Paris
Hot spots in the City of Lights.
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man in a suit riding a bicycle in paris
People Watching in Paris
Reason #5 that Paris is the Sexiest City in the World
Paris Fashion Week - Autumn/Winter 2006-2007 - Haute Couture - Chanel Arrivals and Front Row 
Venue:  Pelouse de St Cloud
Why We Love French Women
Reason #4 that Paris is the Sexiest City in the World
Serge Gainsbourg album cover
Swoon-Worthy French Songs
Reason #3 that Paris is the Sexiest City in the World