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11 Benefits of Eating Breakfast For Dinner
The #Brinner train is leaving the station, it's time to get on board.
An Ab Fab Workout
Three tricks to having more energy, even if you don't get more snooz…
5 Easy Ways to Switch to (Healthier!) Greek Yogurt
Think it's too tart? Some say it actually tastes better!
Confessions of a Middle-Aged Figure Skater
Christina Han on becoming an amateur ice skater as an adult.
How to Get Serena Williams's Tennis-Yoga Booty

We went to fitness boot camp with the tennis star!

Hips Don't Lie: Athletic Wear for Real Women
I dont know if Im an apple or a pear. Bananas are nice, but I doubt Im one of those either. I just dont like comparing my body to a fru…
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Fashion Meets Fitness
Zen and the Art of Soul Maintenance
Who isn't afraid of spinning? Where do I begin: the crazy Euro disco music, the intense instructors with a headset strapped to their he…
Would You Shop for Sperm Online?
Women are turning to the Web to shop for top-notch sperm donors. Would you consider it?
Eat This Now: Citrus
Besides its own bright taste and vitamin C punch, it amps up the flavor and nutrition of other foods, too.
How to Stop Snoring
Can a simple injection quiet the throat muscle's vibration in noisy sleepers?
The Surprising Ways to Beat Fear
Tapping into your inner Wonder Woman may actually be an issue of matter over mind.
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Our Relationship with Food: 5 Shocking Statistics
I know youll be rethinking your next meal after seeing these stats. I am!
Blogging Sundance: Dropping Pounds with alli
Where do celebrities, studio execs, and ungodly amounts of snow collide? The Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Im chilling (li…
100-Calorie Snacks
Here, we tallied the size of 100-calorie portions of your favorite desk-side treats.
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Is Winter Causing Your Back Pain?
Dark, chilly days may be the culprit for an ailment besides seasonal affective disorder.
Burn 450 Calories in 30 Minutes
No Aspen escape in this year's travel plans? Snowshoe guru Ron Rash offers strategies that will work in your local park...or backyard.
You're Not Lazy...Just Normal
Ever wonder who those people are, streaming out of the gym at 6 a.m., all finished with that early-bird Spin class and raring to tackle…