gay marriage

Saying Yes to My Queer Wedding

Why marrying my wife was so important to me—haters be damned.

Caitlyn Jenner Backtracks on Gay Marriage...
"It became clear to me that everyone should be able to marry the per…
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Drops Some Serious Truth...
She and Sonia Sotomayor let them have it.
actor steve martin
'Father of the Bride 3' Will Star Steve Martin and Focus on His Gay Son Getting Married
They should probably definitely change the 'Bride' part on that one.
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gay pride parade
How Gay Marriage Is Good for Straight Women
Will it help ensure that more of us can find "a marriage of equals?"
gay marriage
Government's Place in the Gay Marriage War
Does the federal government have any business meddling in marriage?
betsey johnson
MC Cheatsheet: Betsey Johnson's New Fragrance & Today's Support of Gay Marriage
Plus, check out what other sites and stories we've been clicking on today.