Update: Cate Blanchett Has *Not* Had Lesbian Relationships
But she also doesn't really care if you think she has.
A New Report Says Movies Are Way Behind When It...
GLAAD is proving Hollywood has a long way to go.
man and woman in bed
Can Bad Sex Be Improved?
Can you take steps to improve bad sex? Our male dating blogger think…
A Guy Explains What's Up with Man Crushes
I was thinking about how strange man-crushes are.
men tailgating at a football game
3 Homophobic Myths, Debunked!
A survey of hundreds of thousands of people reveals some very intere…
Why Are You Straight? Or Gay?
In the wake of a horrific anti-gay hate crime in New York, I talked to the author of a new book about the biological forces that shape …
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Dating Deal Breakers
7 Ways Guys Use Gimmicks to Get Your Attention
Yes, guys sometimes rely on certain tricks meant to get your attention.
woman with laptop
How Does Your Online Persona Affect Your Dating Life?
In the old days, our pictures and stories used to live safely in vaults in our own home. But now, many of us have an "online persona."
Meet Kevin, the New Gay Guy in Archie Comics
Today marks the debut of Archie Comics first openly gay character, Kevin Keller.
a ken doll
The New Asexual Movement
Neither gay nor straight, men and women in a growing community are claiming they never want sex.
11 Rules for Complimenting a Woman
This past weekend, I was at the beach with my parents and I watched my mom criticize my dad on his many ignorant moves. His only defens…
7 Things That Make Me Feel Lonely
The other day I was walking across the Manhattan Bridge and made the mistake of looking down at the water below.  I suddenly felt helpl…
Iran's Transsexual Revolution
Being gay in Iran is illegal. But being a transsexual is not. Huh?
Weekend Update: Going To Atlantic City, NJ For My Buddy's Bachelor Party
Now its time for my friends bachelor party in Atlantic City, NJ.
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What Is Off Limits To Criticize Women About?
Some work friends and I were recently discussing things that men can not criticize their girlfriends about.  It was astounding how inco…
4 Ways To Reject a Guy After a Bad First Date
One can argue that rejecting someone is tougher than getting rejected. But a tricky time to reject someone is after the first date.
debra messing and eric mccormack as will and grace
Where Have All the Gay People Gone?
Has TV gone hopelessly hetero?
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Rich Santos - Sex and the Single Guy blog
Holiday Hurdles for Your Relationship
Here are some pitfalls that the holidays bring every year for couples and singles.
Rich Santos - Sex and the Single Guy blog
The Golden Rule: How To Look Smart for Your Significant Other
I'm pretty stupid. But I know how to look smart. So I'm going to share how I do it so that you can all succeed in looking smart with …
How I Felt Like a Woman
I keep reading comments that I need to put myself in the shoes of girls and try to live the experience of being a girl. I thought I wa…