woman with basket on her head on street in ghana africa
In the Heart of Kumasi
I ultimately felt a sense of pride
smiling child in ghana africa
Buduburam Bound
Liberian refugee camp in Ghana.
beach in ghana africa
The Principle of La Pleasure
Ghanas gender culture.
children in ghana africa
Ghana's Roots
Along the streets of Accra, everyone is selling or buying something.
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streets of ghana africa
My Journey Across Accra
When we reached our dorm building in a residential area of Accra ...
information center in ghana africa
Akwaaba! to Ghana
Ghanaian patriotism and 50 years of independence
Ghana, AFRICA - a travel blog.
From One Humid City to Another
Im on my way to Africa, I thought. How did I expect to feel? Yet, when I saw the airport shuttle approach, two feelings helped the knot…
Miss Ghana 2006
Beauty and Her Purpose
Lamisi Mbillah - Miss Ghana 2006