My First Girlfriend
I'd always liked boys. At 21, I realized that I liked girls, too.
the help
The Clique Mentality
Why does the phrase "members only" never go out of style? Geraldine …
Google Tells You What's Wrong with Your Boyfriend
Women are searching for answers to some serious relationship problem…
the marie claire wedding survival guide
Attack of the Bridesmaidzillas
Grinding with the father of the bride, ruining toasts, even ditching…
How to Fire a Friend
Need to fire a few toxic friends? We asked consultant Janet Banks, a…
unhappy couple in bed
Love Lessons: Desperately Seeking Approval
Women are always trying harder to make things work. Men, not so much.
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eating habits
Are Your Friends Making You Fat?
What happens when your friends' problems start making you fat?
woman with laptop
I Cyber-Stalked His Ex
My ex-boyfriend's wife loves whiskey. How do I know? I cyber-stalked her.
What's With All the Male Sluts?
Doesn't it seem like guys are going a little beyond piggy lately?
Do You Get Along With Your Significant Other's Friends?
The other day my friend Justins girlfriend gave me the ultimate compliment when she told me I was a top tier friend on her birthday par…
How Do Threesomes Happen?
Is a threesome something that you just fall into and let take you for a ride? Or is it something that requires long-term work and pers…
I'm Too Lazy To Thrust My Hips During Sex
I wonder if my insatiable desire to do absolutely nothing is damaging my stock in the dating world. I was alarmed when I told a friend …
Women Who Hit Men

More common and serious than you think.

Women Who Hit
Women Who Hit Men
Chris Norris on a relationship trend that's more common and serious than you think.
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