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Eye Makeup Tips
Sharpen your eye makeup skills with these easy tips and tricks.
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Latest Fashion
We've compiled some of 2011's best fashion, so you don't have to!
pact undwerwear
Pact Wants You to Protest Coal ... in Your...
Pact's new collection, "Beyond Coal", was born out of collaboration …
nina garcia with clothes
Get a Sneak Peek of Nina Garcia's Gilt Groupe Sale
Take a look at some of our fashion director's eco-friendly picks bef…
faux fur coat
9 Hot Faux-Fur Alternatives
Rather go naked than wear fur? Fake it with these luxe fabrications …
skull jacket
5 Eco-Friendly Summer Must-Haves
Save the planet with these earth-friendly skull-inspired products.
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shorts and brooches
11 Eco-Friendly Summer Must-Haves
Reduce your carbon footprint in ethical shoes and other chic "green" products.
Is Your Office Too Quiet?
A quiet office is bad for worker productivity.
bundle of organic spinach
The Girl's Guide to Eating Green
Healthy, eco-friendly action plans suitable for everyone.
Decode Green Eating Lingo
A grocery-friendly primer for decoding green lingo.
Five Myths About Eating Green
We separate fact from fiction about organic food.
woman with laptop
American Idle: Why Turning Off Your Computer Is a Must
Three urgent reasons to turn off your PC before you leave the office.
limited edition malibu rum bottle
Malibu Joins Reef Check for an Eco-Adventure
Dive in (literally) with a trip that helps you do your part to save the world while you work on your tan.
cameron diaz photo
Cameron Diaz's Excellent Adventure
Cameron Diaz and MC executive editor Lucy Kaylin lit out for America to learn what worries us most about the environment.
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cameron diaz photo
Cameron Diaz Saves The World!
...or at least tries. In this documentary she travels across America to find out what worries us most about the environment.
cameron diaz photo
Cameron Diaz's Favorite Green Websites
Cameron Diaz traveled across America to learn what worries us most about the environment. The eco-friendly superstars documentary raise…
5 Ways to Go Green When Traveling
I've boiled down some favorite tips and ideas from around the web for five easy ways to make your travel a more green next time you're …
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Eco-Friendly Hairstyling Tips for Earth Day
Eco-friendly hairstyle tips from celebrity stylist David Babaii.
organic products green products
24 Eco-Chic Must-Haves
From vegan ultra-suede to recycled straw, what could be more natural and planet-preserving than embracing spring's organic style?
san francisco culinary tour
A Foodie's Guide to San Francisco
Follow my steps to some great finds in a city that makes the world not only eat but think about food.