hair care

5 Ways to Keep Your Scalp Happy and Healthy

From the exfoliating scrub to shower brush.

How to Dye Your Hair at Home Like a Pro

Yes, you can do this.

These Are the Drugstore Products Our Editors...

Why can't *everything* be this affordable?? 😭

The New Hair Washing Rules
How to clean your hair like a pro.
How to Fix That Breaking Mane of Yours
Quench your hair with this MC must-have.
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Beauty Breakthroughs
From your daily skincare regime to anti-aging treatments, we have the scoop on the best beauty breakthroughs this year.
Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Beauty Products
When it comes to face creams, makeup, skin salves, and hair products, we've seen it all. Here are our picks for this year's best breakt…
You, But Better
Your step-by-step guide to a complete beauty tune-up.
Top 10 Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

For frizz-free beach days and glossy sunny highlights, top stylists reveal their 10 best thirst-quenching hair tips.

25 New Products That'll Change Your Life
When it comes to new potions and salves, we've literally seen it all. Here are our picks for this year's latest and greatest breakthrou…
brunette and blond models with hair styled up and down
Master Class
Fight frizz and color-fading with these expert summer hair suggestions.
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Spring Into Beauty
It's time to give your beauty routine a spring cleaning!
Splurge vs. Steal: Beauty Bargains
No need to break the bank over your routine. Beauty pros help you navigate the shelves to determine what's worth the splurge, and where…
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Does your hair need a silicone detox?
When it comes to frizz fighting, silicones are the secret weapon in most smoothing products. But silicone overdose can make hair duller…
woman washing her hair
Spa Treatments for a Healthy Scalp
Why should skincare stop at the hairline? New scalp treatments get to the root of hair issues.
The Best New Beauty Products of 2008
25 Products to Change Your Life
We test-drove truckloads of beauty products.
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