The New Hair Washing Rules
How to clean your hair like a pro.
How to Get a Messy, Twisted Side Bun
'Oh, the tangled web we weave.'
eva longoria
Chocolate Brown Hair Colors
As sweet and rich as the dessert it's named after, cocoa brown is Ho…
salt spray
Hair How-To: Create a Salt Spray for Beach Waves

The beachiest salt spray for incredible tousled waves.

how to tie a head scarf
Hair How-To: Tie a Head Scarf
Great for sleeping, summer, and you know, feeling glamorous.
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19 Genius Styling Ideas Just for Short Hair
If you've got short hair, this one's for you!
how to do a faux bob
Hair How-To: How to Create a Faux Bob
Instant haircut that you don't have to commit to.
Beauty Fails and Fixes: Summer Edition
Shocking but true: Your usual beauty regimen could be making things worse.
19 Beauty Tricks To Look Better In Photos
Want to be more photogenic? Yes, please!
milkmaid braids
24 Super-Simple Ways to Make Doing Your Hair Incredibly Easy
Seriously, you'll be out the door before you know it.
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kate middleton barrel curls
A Step-by-Step Guide to Kate Middleton's Curls
We just can't resist a good curl.
6 Celebrity Hairstyles You'll Never Want to Try
Let's keep these looks in the past where they belong.
fringe benefits
Will Bangs Change Your Life?
We've all wondered: Will bangs change my life? Sarah Z. Wexler chops in search of hair Nirvana.
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The New Hair Braid for Overachievers

Forget the French braid, it's all about the new mermaid tail.

The Hair Diaries
Women from all over the world confess how much they spend on their tresses in The Hair Diaries.
Beat the Clock: Beauty Multitaskers
Streamline your routine with new beauty multitaskers that work just as hard as you do.
Healthy Hair Report

Limp locks? Slow growth? Damaged goods? No matter what ails your precious strands, we've got a fix for you.

Beauty Secrets Every Woman Must Know
Try out these expert tips to get perfect hair, makeup and skin.
Botox For Your Hair?
Just as your skin ages, so too does your hair getting thinner, limper, and more unruly with time. We find a solution to help you press…
model with hair blowing
Windswept: The Super Natural Look
There's nothing like an afternoon at sea to make for an especially groovy hair day. This season, ditch the brush and let the elements b…
"Unplugged" 'Dos on Chloƫ Sevigny's Runway
Hair guru Thomas Dunkin, Sebastian Professional Stylist Design Team's lead stylist creates '80s-inpsired, "unplugged" 'dos for ChloĆ« S…
bride in picture frame
Wedded Bliss: Bridal Tips & Trends
Everything you need to know about the big day, from beauty and style tips to wild new bridal trends.
bouffant with highlights
Updos Go Up and Away
This spring, star hairstylist Eugene Souleiman and colorist Josh Wood are taking inspiration from vintage photographs and Hitchock hero…
emma stone
Summer (Hair) Love
Humidity, chlorine, UV damage the warmer weather ushers in a host of hair ravagers and abuse, but weve managed to track down some of t…
beyonce knowles
20 Stars with Curly Hair
These sexy celebs are spring-loaded with curls that are all the rage right now. Find out how you can get them, too.