The 96 Most Epic Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Bookmark as your dress-up inspiration this year.

Kim Kardashian Just Transformed into Madonna

A material girl and the king of pop.

50 Terrifying Ghost Stories Told by Famous People

Miley swears she saw a little boy sitting on her bathroom sink...😱😫

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Lili Reinhart Is a Low-Key Special Effects Makeup Pro

The 'Riverdale' actress is here to dish out some Halloween inspo.

8 Ouija Board Stories That Will Make You Throw Yours in the Trash Immediately

This game isn't for the faint of heart.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Borrowed Ryan Reynolds' 'Deadpool' Costume for Halloween

Why bother with homemade when you can wear the real thing?

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The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2015

Katy Perry delivers another perfectly punny costume this year. 🎀

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Please Look at This Photo of Taylor Swift Dressed as a Teletubby

Or as the kids at school called it, "a yellow pregnant alien."

18 Funny, Fantastic, and Outrageous Celebrity Couple Halloween Costumes

From Chrissy Teigen and John Legend to Kimye.

Just in Case You Were Wondering if Your Halloween Costume Idea Is Original Enough, Google Knows

This way, you won't show up to a party in (*shudders*) the same thing as someone else.

This Infographic Shows the Top Halloween Costume in Every State

Your visual guide to what everyone, everywhere will be wearing this year.

10 Non-Models Try "Sexy" Halloween Costumes

You, too, can be a Sexy Pizza. πŸ•

This Super-Trippy Halloween Makeup Mask Will Blow Your Mind

Do yourself a favor and skip the lines at the costume store.

4 Halloween Makeup Looks That Don't Require a Costume

Because maybe you *don't* want to spend $80 on a Wilma Flintstone dress?

THE Nails for This Halloween Weekend

For the grunge chic and zombie swag in all of us.

Halloween-Inspired Tech Gadgets

If you aren't already in the spirit of the season, these eerie-sistable Halloween inspired gadgets and gizmos are sure to do the trick!

new girl pun costume
13 Punniest Halloween Costumes to Try This Year

Make all your friends groan with these gems.