healthy eating

What Christie Brinkley Actually Eats in a Day

You've got to try her wake-up drink.

Khloé Kardashian Opens Up About Unhealthy Eating

Here's how she overcame it.

12 Healthier Snacks to Eat at the Office

Alas, orange dust on your black skirt is not a new trend.

I Ate Like Kim Kardashian for a Week

Spoiler: My butt didn't get any bigger.

What Binge-Watching TV Really Does to Your Body

Netflix and spilling over the top of your pants.

Here's What Khloé Kardashian Eats in a Day

She still can't tolerate green drinks, which is why she's your fave, right?

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What Eating One Slice of Pizza Really Does to Your Body

You'll never see a slice the same way.

Scientists Say You Should Eat All the Fat You Want
But there's a catch, of course.
How to Get Rid of Your Hangover in Time for Work
That bacon-egg-and-cheese routine from college ain't cutting it.
9 Foods You Can Eat a Ton Of and Not Feel Guilty

Because mindless eating isn't *the best,* but we totally do it anyway.

women eating
11 Seemingly Unhealthy Foods That Aren't So Bad for You
The splurge-worthy foods that won't obliterate your healthy eating efforts.
eating sparkly broccoli
5 Things You're Doing Wrong With Food
These quick and easy fixes can make a big difference in your health.
boost metabolism bike prada wedges
8 Ways To Rev Up Your Metabolism
Steven Macari, holistic health practitioner, nutritionist at Drive 495 and founder of the SLVRBK mat, provides 8 tips to tune up your m…
girlfriends at lunch
25 Lazy Ways to Keep Fit

Feel good and stay healthy by following these easy tips—you won't have to lift a finger.

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5 Awesome and Unexpected Benefits Of Coffee
Go ahead, have another cup.
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12 Foods To Eat After Intense Holiday Feasting
Even the experts can't come to a consensus on the best diet to follow. But these are the picks every dietitian stashes in her kitchen f…
10 Guilt-Free Summer Snacks
Don't derail your summer diet by snacking mindlessly between meals. With these healthy suggestions from Melissa O'Shea, Exhale Spa's na…
You, But Better
Your step-by-step guide to a complete beauty tune-up.