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Coconut Oil Isn't the Diet Miracle You Think It Is

In fact, experts say it might be bad for you.

Taste Test: Beyoncé's New WTRMLN WTR Flavors

Seriously, there's not a lemonade one?

Can You Actually Repair Your Skin with the Help...
This product is revolutionizing the path to healthier, more vibrant …
11 Strange Yoga Styles
There's more to it than just flow and breathing. There's weed. And h…
Where'd You Get That Body From, Ashley Greene?
She fing earned it.
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The Hunger Diaries Forum
Let's continue the dialogue!
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ipad with plate, silver ware, and water
The Hunger Diaries: How Health Writers Could Be Putting You at Risk
Six popular bloggers advocate healthier living, but are they putting readers and themselves in danger?
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The Whole-Body Detox
From your hair, skin, and nails to your daily eating habits and brain function, here are expert tips the newest innovations and tried-…
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4 Ways to Get Your Juice On
In health-minded circles, "juicing" has become a buzzword and not in the steroid-abuse way. Fresh vegetable juice drinkers extol the p…
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Poisoned By Our Favorite Things?
Are water bottles, cell phones, smoggy city airreally poisoning us?