100 Gifts to Buy Yourself with Your Holiday Cash

When the Grinch saved Christmas.

What to Wear on Thanksgiving

That damn bird can't be better dressed than you.

Kim Kardashian's Christmas Decorations Are Insane

To be fair, it is worth bragging about.

5 Non-Touristy Holiday Things to Do in New York

Style blogger Sai De Silva shares her favorite winter hangouts.

This Gingerbread House Made of Pizza Is A...

Screw tradition.

thanksgiving you'll never forget
Host a Thanksgiving They'll Never Forgot
Embarking on your first hosting duties? Attempting an ambitious Friendsgiving? Avoid the inevitable disasters with tips from the expert…
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Holiday Decision Fatigue is the Worst
Don't let it eat you alive!
The Biggest Holiday Faux Pas
Readers weigh in on the biggest holiday faux pas.
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Five Beauty Products You Can Eat?
Beauty products infused with fall flavors? We'll try that!
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How to Write a Holiday Thank You Note
Not quite sure what to say, or how to say it? We asked Lizzie Post, etiquette expert and great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post, how t…
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Should You Avoid PDA at Family Gatherings?
Do your parents freak out when you give your boyfriend a kiss on the lips?
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Most Popular Times of The Year For Breaking Up
I recently came across a study in Men's Health that outlined the most common breakup points in the year. This info was gathered after m…
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Looking for Unconditional Love This New Year's?
This time of year, I wonder ... is lasting love what we really want from our mates?
man in santa suit and woman in christmas costume
7 Reasons to Date During the Holidays
Why it's nice to have someone to join you when you hit up all those Christmas cocktail parties.
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7 Things That Make Me Feel Lonely
The other day I was walking across the Manhattan Bridge and made the mistake of looking down at the water below.  I suddenly felt helpl…
Meeting the Family for the Holidays, Part I
Joining my wacky family for the holidays is a tough proposition for any outsider.  We have traditions, sibling rivalries, and many stra…
6 Tips for Starting Your Relationship Off Right in the New Year
Use the new year as a springboard for change that will make your relationship longer-lasting and more fulfilling.
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friends having thanksgiving dinner
How To Fake Quality Time With Family
Here are four tips to fake quality-time with the family.
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How to Get Your Family Off Your Case
Sidestep awkward conversation with this small-talk cheat sheet.
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10 Must-Pack Items for Holiday Travel
Going home for the holidays? Load your suitcase up with these 10 troubleshooting must-haves for every possible sticky situation.