The 50 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

You got $100 million to drop?

Catherine Zeta-Jones Launches New Home Collection

The Tony award-winning actress discusses her newest passion project.

Molly's lodge castle
The Smallest Castle in the U.K. Is Up for Sale

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29 Things Every Girl Needs in Her Apartment...

Décor wisdom from Lauren Conrad.

14 Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram
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the devil wears prada
12 Problems Only People With Great Taste Understand
Yes, your home looks amazing, but it's not without inconvenience.
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How To Build Your Own House
Instead of just buying a home, at 24, Jessica Gilmore picked up a hammer.
Get into the holiday spirit
Home for the Holidays: Survival Guide
The no-fail survival guide to dealing with pesky relatives, healthily suppressing anger, and preserving your sanity to get through the …
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Breathe Life Into Your Living Space
Just because you're spending more time in the nest doesn't mean you have to tolerate it as is.
home fragrance
The Best Home Fragrances
Now your dwelling can be as delish-smelling as you are.
measuring tape
7 Must-Haves for a Single Girl's Toolbox
Assume the title of Ms. Fix-It.
chic houseplants
9 Cool House Plants
Get a houseplant to liven up your living space.
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How to Boy-Proof Your Lair
What to hide when Mr. Big comes over.
Your Brilliant Career
5 Ways to Live a Balanced Life
How to balance work, play, and rest.
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Maria Landa is out to change. By using her unique skills as a professional welder, she's constructing crucial temporary housing.
More than a Pretty Face: The Welder
Maria Landa
silver lizard print clutch
Gifts for The Trendsetter
We've done the shopping for you!
silver candelabra
Gifts for The Domestic Diva
We've done the shopping for you!
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How to Get Your Home's Glow On
Get Your Home's Glow On
facial cleansing foam
Do It Yourself Microdermabrasion
Get Clear Skin At Home
Eliminating Facial Hair
Facial hair can be an embarrassing problem for many women, but it's fairly easy to deal with. Here are some options.